Yoga can be Important Component of Drug and Alcohol Recovery

July 1, 2014

BY Ron Pasillas


Please read the testimonial below to learn about how one of the Anaheim Lighthouse’s clients is recovering from addiction and how Yoga is helping.

During my stay at the Lighthouse one of the extra activities offered was bi-weekly yoga. I had never taken it before but it was something I have always wanted to try.

Kat came in for one of my first sessions. I was hooked immediately. I came to find in less than an hour I could find total peace, relaxation and relief from the daily stress and pressure.

She had a wonderful way of not only focusing on the body and flexibility but also the calming method of breathing, soft relaxing music and an insight to helping us to heal ourselves.

It was so much more than I expected. I intend on continuing when I return home to NY. I also strongly recommend this therapy for an integral part of the rehabilitation process. It really compliments the schedule and provides a sense of escape, balance and peacefulness to the patient.

Kelly D.
Anaheim Lighthouse
Anaheim, CA

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