We’re Here to Help

May 19, 2015

BY Ron Pasillas



I just want to thank you for everything you’ve for me since I’ve been here. I know I was probably a pain in the a** a lot of the time. I was coming up there asking you for s***, but only reason I did that was because you’re an honest, straight up dude, and I respect that. I can tell you honestly just want to help people. I mean you obviously don’t do it for the money. Lol. Just playing. Really though Jason, you helped me out a lot whether you realize it or not. You helped me really take a look at what I’m doing. And yeah, I wasn’t exactly a shining star here and didn’t take these groups seriously as I probably should have but just from talking with you and a few others here I know at least what I gotta work on. So keep doing what you’re doing bro. You’re an awesome guy and got a big a** heart, stay up, Jason.

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