Nicole, Learning to Live a “Normal” Life Without Drugs

September 10, 2014

BY Ron Pasillas


Read below about Nicole, a former resident of the Anaheim Lighthouse, and how she’s living a “normal” life without drugs.

Hello lovelies,
I was at the Anaheim Lighthouse and I m forever grateful for the staff and amazing group yall have there.

I struggled with two major addictions, one to meth and the other to synthetic marijuana.
A lot of people don’t realize how addicting the synthetics really are..I would chose synthetics over meth daily.

I was on a horrible path..stealing, lying, and making horrible choices to get a fix.
One major thing that I took home from the Anaheim Lighthouse was that I can live a about normal life without drugs..many of us addicts think we need our drug to live, to feel normal, and get through the day..and being sober has taught me I still do the same things I did as an addict. What I mean by this is..I would “think” I needed to be high to function. To go shopping, to go out with friends, to be happy. I have learned I am still happy, still hyper and spunky and I don’t need drugs to get by.

I am now 24 and I began my path to addiction when I was 13 and stayed on this path till I was 22, it was then that I realized..”hey, I’m spending all my time trying to get money to waste on something that will only make me happy for a few mins…why?”
During my addiction I lost a lot..
my family
my home
and my son.

Since going to the Anaheim Lighthouse I see this amazing new woman capable of doing things I never knew were possible.. after having my second child Avery Lynn I decided I wanted her to never see her mommy struggling and I wanted to dedicate my life and time to her I left my hometown, Houston and moved to fort worth to start over..knowing no one and having a new chance at life.

I am so proud to say that I am sober and loving life..and that the best thing I did for myself was finally realizing..I don’t need this anymore. Once I told myself I was still the same happy, funky, smart, beautiful me without drugs I was happy again..a happiness that was genuine, not a mask.

thank you all so much for teaching me great tools to take home with me..I still find myself thinking about the staff and the girls from lighthouse.
Thank you so much..I am eternally grateful. Love yall, Nicole.

Don’t waste another day of your life…Get Help. Call the Anaheim Lighthouse Recovery Center at (877) 432-1722.

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