Lighthouse Testimonial

June 23, 2015

BY Ron Pasillas


I did not want to enter The Lighthouse, but my family and my employer didn’t give me much of a choice, and they promised if I completed the program my job would be waiting. My first week in treatment, I was an instigator – doing my best to start arguments and challenging the staff’s advice and experience. Then I heard an incredibly passionate counselor who convinced me to sit and listen. After a few more group meetings, I found myself relating with the stories of other clients. For the rest of my stay, drivers, cooks, housekeeping, support staff, therapists, and of course counselors gave me nothing but genuine support and care.

I came to The Lighthouse to do my thirty days, get back to my job, and continue my downward spiral. Instead, I’ve committed to at least three meetings a week with a sponsor. I have laughed and smiled more in thirty days than I have in thirty years!

For the first time, I truly want the program they have shared with me. Before treatment, I would have bet the farm that this cynic would not be leaving with such hope and faith, but that’s just what The Lighthouse gave me.

– Rajesh C.

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