Kiarra’s Story of Recovery, Hopeless to Hopeful

August 13, 2014

BY Ron Pasillas


Below is a Client Testimonial from the Anaheim Lighthouse Recovery Center.

To the Staff at the Anaheim Lighthouse:

Before I got to the Lighthouse, my drinking and using had gotten out of control. My life was hopeless. I pushed away all the people who cared about me. And most importantly I lost myself. I was so nervous to seriously change my life, and the Lighthouse welcomed me with open arms. I felt like I belonged somewhere for once in my life. Since I’ve been here I’ve learned a lot about life on life’s terms. They have an excellent staff here Thais really helpful. The girls and the staff at the Lighthouse made me realize I don’t ever have to go anything alone. For that, I am truly grateful. The Lighthouse have me hope! I know that I don’t ever have to use drugs or drink again. If you’re having second thoughts about getting clean, I urge you to come to the Lighthouse and see what it’s all about. I think it will change your mind in the best way possible.

May 2014

Thanks for sharing your story Kiarra.

Don’t waste another day of your life…Get Help. Call the Anaheim Lighthouse Recovery Center at (877) 432-1722.

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