Jose’s Story of Recovery

November 19, 2014

BY Ron Pasillas


Read below for another positive Anaheim Lighthouse client testimonial. Thank you Jose for your feedback about our program.

Hello Jason and Lighthouse Staff,
I am contacting you today, 14 days after my discharge from The Lighthouse, to express my sincerest thanks for the treatment, education and most of all LOVE that I experienced, received and carried away with me upon departure. Through the help of all the staff I learned that God must come first, followed by my sobriety. With those 2 items first, I can experience my true essence, and I can offer myself fully to those I serve. We all know that, “you can’t transmit something you don’t possess”. I have not missed a meeting a day or a day of work. I have not attempted to skip out on a day of life. The motto of my recovery is, “No Days Off”. I live my recovery 7 days and nights a week, but I get the weekends off from work.

Jose Luis D, CATC-1, CDS
November 2014

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