Rehab Rap

October 21, 2015

BY Lighthouse Alumni


Here at the Lighthouse we have some extremely talented alumni! Below is a song written by one!

“My life is unmanageable.

With problems so untanigable.

There seems to be now way out.

I want to scream I want to shout.

My family tells me to go away.

When all I wanna do is stay.

They are tired of my insanity.

My life of lies and profanity.

I have no home, I have no house.

I’m just a loser and such a louse.

I am dirty and I’m showerless.

I am hopeless and I am powerless.

I’m so scared and full of fear.

I’m so afraid to look in the mirror.

To see myself staring back at me.

This is not the way I thought it would be.

I can’t believe the truth of my reflection.

I use to always strive for perfection.

I just wanted to be a lady.

But ended up broken and shady.

I’m on the edge, I’m on the brink.

I wanna use, I wanna drink.

I fall down on my knees, “God Hey”.

Help me God I plead to pray.

I cry, I beg, I scream hysterical.

I need you God, I need a miracle.

All of the sudden I feel peace.

The demon’s howl begins to cease.

You speak to me so sweet, so tender.

My life is yours I now surrender.

With you God is the only way.

Without you Lord I’m gonna stray.

Lord keep me humble, keep me small.

If I get too big I’m gonna fall.

You are the Master, I am your slave.

That’s the only way I can behave.

So take me God and change my life.

To be a good mother and be a good wife.

Help me reach out and offer my hand.

You are my Rock, on You I stand.

Please take my life I now give it up to Ya.

I say Amen, I praise Halleluiah.”

-Elaine D., Alumni




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